Design Consultancy.
Creating, transforming and restoring brands.

AutoEV, a second-hand electric car marketplace startup which aims to offer a safe and secure marketplace for consumers to buy and sell their electric vehicles.

Waterscan is a market leader in corporate water management and strategic sustainability planning Hutton Farquhar implemented a full brand refresh, evolving their existing word mark and supporting identity to a new level, enabling more powerful brand equity.

Brand development of the UK’s premier motor racing championship, Hutton Farquhar have evolved the identity of the TOCA British Touring Car Championship, making sure the excitement of the championship is constantly evoked through its static marketing.

The Novium, Chichester’s new purpose built contemporary museum. Hutton Farquhar have been comissioned on a number of marketing projects to create graphics and printed literature for exhibitions and installations.

The Chartered Institute of Water and Environmental Management. Hutton Farquhar were commisioned to create a new sub identity style to promote CIWEM’s newly refurbished events venue in Farringdon EC1N.

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