We have designed and developed the AutoEV website, with the main focus being the easy step-by-step process for finding and selling electric vehicles. The design is simplistic, approachable and makes finding a suitable electric vehicle extremely easy.​​​​​​​ The website has a fully secure database of car data and includes a secure payment system, a DVLA lookup, as well as a number and email forwarding protection system, which all use the latest and most secure practices within the industry.

Mobile Experience

We have completely redeveloped the experience for mobile, making it easier, simpler and allot faster to navigate. We began this process by removing any sections that seemed unnecessary for the mobile version, and found solutions to make the experience more compact. We wanted to make the users option to Buy and Sell as easy as possible, therefore introduced a landing page that’s exclusive to mobile devices.

Social Media

We are proud to manage and produce content for the AutoEV Instagram accounts, producing content thats relevant to the latest EV news. We publish engaging content that can offer information to first time electric car buyers.